Premium Dynamik Skins

Modern Design

DynamikStore always try to follow the most current trends in a web design industry. So I do my best to make my skins modern and exceptionally useful. What’s more, thanks to the flexibility of the Dynamik Website Builder you can always make necessary customizations.

Support & Updates

You can always count on my support if you face problems using my skins. It could be essential if you reach the limit of your experience or in case of work under the time pressure. Updates are always available for you to download for free. So if you need a technical support feel free to fill in the Support Request form.

Why Skins

Nowadays we have a very broad selection of beautiful themes for Wordpress. Why should you use DynamikStore Skins on top of the Genesis/DWB combo? The answer is simple. Genesis gives you incomparable stability and Dynamik Website Builder gives you unlimited flexibility.

Responsive Layout

In the era of mobile devices you cannot ignore mobile users. Fortunately DynamikStore skins build on top of Genesis as a foundation are fully responsive. This assure the best possible impression of browsing your website.